Well, I've done many things in my life time, but have recently gained a wide range of experience in the IT sector.

This is a placeholder for the mo until I get my proper CV up.

BT Labs: July 1999 -

Joined BT after graduating from University on their graduate scheme. I work at the main research centre for BT, in the Multimedia and Internet Applications Unit. My work currently involves working with audio conferencing products over the web, involving products such as Oracle 7, Apple's WebObjects and NT Server.

Idaho Technology Consultants: January 1999 - July 1999
Work involved the design and development of web applications for a broad range of Clients. Persoanlly responsible for database design (Microsoft Access) and Active Server Pages (ASP development. Each web site was designed for the client in such a way that they had personaly responsibility for the updating of the web site, not the web company that designed them. This was done using ASP. All web pages where stored in a database, and this could be changed using specially designed forms that updated the database. Pages could be added and deleted, with pictures uploaded at will.

I was also responsible for much of the graphic design, working in conjuntion with the company's graphic designer. Products used included Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia's Flash (versions 3 and 4), Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

Web sites worked on include:

Fliteline : A company that sets up parachute jumps for cancer research. Designed a game, guiding a figure through a mine field of UFO's, using Flash and ASP. The web site had many 1000's of hits due to being associated with
Full Circle Arts: A charity that provides activities for disabled people. This site won a bobby award for it's ability to work seamlessly with text only browsers such as Lynx, and also text readers.
Magnetic Paper: Produced for Able Magnets, this site was designed not for text, but to give a more traditional TV advert. It speaks for itself.
G-A-Y Online: Produced for promoter Jeremy Joseph, this site was designed to get people to use the web more to find out information abouts various events in London.

ICL : August 1997 - August 1998
Covered a wide range of projects. As I was working in Sorbus (ICL's support division), I was responsible for much of the hardware and software support throughout the unit. Furthermore, I worked on the units website and also designed and developed a resource and asset register for the unit. My time at ICL was due to taking a year out for industrial experience.