Bear Facts About Paul...

Well, what do you want to know???

Height : 168cm

Hair Colour : Dark Blonde (Apparently)

Eye Colour : Blue

Other bits : Abundance of freckles and sideburns

And now, some cheesy photo's:

My Graduation from University photo. Please note: Any resemblance to a pregnant gerbil is purely coincidental.

My brother (Andrew) and I. Don't ask, just DON'T!

I was once on the front of a local paper (The Heywood Advertiser) after a party at a local fire station. The photographer got a load of kids together to take the photo, but wasn't happy. Me and this lass decided not to be in the photo, but he put just the two of us in cos why looked like chalk and cheese (The opposite of each other). Make of it what you will!
Santa really does look a little scary though!