Where does one start? Well, most of them (if not all) are all outdoors related:

Mountain Biking: Love the stuff. When up in Rochdale, I was lucky enough to live just a few minutes away from the Pennines by bike. Many a weekend was spent worrying sheep whilst on the bike.

The sheep did eventually get their own back by once knocking me off the bike, resulting in a trip to the local casualty! Now have a '99 Scott Navajo, which I've yet to break!

Being down here in Suffolk is, though, not really ideal. I miss the mountains!!! Still, I have got miles of shingly beaches all to myself, I suppose!

  • Skiing: I love skiing.... Have been lucky enough to have been skiing in Whistler, Grouse Mountain, Bulgaria, Mayrhoffen and St. Anton!
  • Any Water Sport! Yes, water skiing, wind surfing, sea swimming, etc. You see, fall off, and it doesn't hurt. Well, not much anyway!
  • Hiking: Not talking about a day walk.... More like taking five days of stuff with you on your back and going out into the wilderness. Scotland (around the Kyle of Lochalsh area) is my favourite place.
  • Horse Riding: My main sport now.... Expect pictures soon!