1263 (Rochdale) Air Training Corps

I also used to be in the Air Training Corps, Between the ages of 13 and 22. I loved my time in there... Did so many funky things
Amongst other things, every year you went on annual camp, which was either at an RAF station in the UK, or abroad (normally Gemany or Gibralta). This is a picture of my first camp, when I was 14. It was taken at RAF Cosford, and I'm sat next to a good mate, Phil Davies. Anyway, spot me and your a good one. A Weeks holiday anywhere in the world, is your prize* if you guess right.

* Anywhere in the world, whenever you want, you pay for yourself and me!

I was actually lucky enough to be selected for the International Air Cadet Exchange in 1991, and spent three weeks in Belgium. Had a wonderful time, meeting tonnes of famous people, getting into arguements with EC officials, and all sorts of other funky stuff (The sroty about being chased by bouncers and prostitutes is not for this type of web page!).
I was also lucky enough to be selected for the RAF Outward Bound Course at RAF Grantown On Spey. This involved two weeks doing all sorts... Mountain biking, Expeditions, Canoeing, Orienteering, and,

Climbing. Was okay at it, but loved doing it... This was just a few miles from Grantown... We also did some sea stack climbing near Kinloss.... Really loved that. Climbing with the waves crashing below you, and the RAF Nimrods flying above you!