Web Clipping is a technology developed by Palm that allows HTML applications to be used on the Palm and also across the web. They are small, and very fast. Although only normally used with the Palm VII, you can download then from Here . I'm currently developing an Application that details how to connect your palm to a mobile, so that the details will be on your palm already! Watch this space.

Anyway, these files that you have just downloaded are virtually the same contained in the Mobile Internet Kit that Palm sells. You will, however, need to change some details to get them to work. Take a look here for proxy change details.

There are loads of apps out there already. For example this is the Continental Airline timetable and flight checker (real time). Also, you can have the episode guides for Star Trek, Voyager, etc. If you can program in HTML then you can even make your own. See the Palm web site on web clipping for more details.

Star Trek : Link Yes, you can download episode guides for your palm and Star Trek!

Continental : Link Download flight information and flight status, and check your Onepass account.

ThinAirMail : Link Little WebClipping app that lets you access Hotmail.