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Bluetooth Setup

Firstly, this is a qucik guide to setting up your Palm and Phone. This is assuming that you have the Palm MMC Bluetooth Card.

Blue 1 On the Palm, under Bluetooth prefs ensure that the Palm Bluetooth is set to discoverable. Firstly, on the phone, do a search (Discover) for bluetooth devices. After a few seconds, the Palm should be found.
Blue 2 You will be asked to type in, on the phone, a security number. I normally use 0000. After setting this, the following screen should appear on the Palm. Type the 0000 in and select Add To Trusted Devices and click on OK.
Blue 3 The Phone should now appear in the device list
Blue 4 Now, in Prefs, Connections Select the Bluetooth driver (in this case, BT to T39m) and Edit
Blue 5 Where the Device field is, it will ask you to Tap. Ensure that your phone is set to discoverable. Tap this field, and after a while, your phone should be found again.
Blue 6 Your phone should now appear as a trusted device again.
Blue 7 You should now be ready to make a connection to the internet via Bluetooth!

Un-Listed Bluetooth Phone Blue 8

I recently had my SonyEricsson T68m upgraded to a T68i, and, all of a sudden, couldn't get the phone to work with the Palm. The phone comes back with a different response, so the Palm, when it does it's test, reports that the wrong driver is being used. Well, I suppose they are two different phones, so here's what to do if you have a bluetooth phone that doesn't have a driver:

In Prefs, Connection, click on new. Type in a phone name, then select the details as shown i the screen shot. Set the Phone to discoverable, and click on Tap which is normally after Device. Once found, you'll be able to use this instead of the normal phone drivers.

However:In the bluetooth update, now available at www.palm.com, there is now a driver for the sony ericsson T68i!

This is what is around in the Palm world with regards to Bluetooth Logo
Palm, inc, has been shouting about a Palm Bluetooth SD/IO card for the Palm M50x series for a while. It's available now, and expansys.com have got details of it here.

tosh Bluetooth However, it's made by Toshiba. You can see the palm branding on it, as well as the Toshiba branding. Toshiba have also released the same card under their own branding.

This is great for the Palm, as it will add bluetooth functionality to the Palm, without any extra weight. It's possible that the power drain will be less than that of more conventional devices also.

However, you will lose the SD slot!

redm Bluetooth Red-M, of the UK, have had a Bluetooth Sled out for a while. I've used the Sled, and it fits like (in fact, the early ones were!) a Palm V/Vx modem.

There is extra software that you need to use, although the trial software I saw was quite small.

These are more directed at linking with Red-M's wireless networking solutions, although they do also work with more conventional devices such as bluetooth phones and PCMCIA cards. They do, whoever, also have Visor solutions as well.

The Red-M sled is available Here.

TDK Bluetooth TDK have probably had the biggest spot light with regards to Palms and Bluetooth. Their product is available here. I haven't had the chance to use the TDK solution yet.

However, it looks good, and is certainly marketed towards the mass market!

I've used Bluetooth primarily with the Ericsson R520 and T39m. Ericsson also have two other phones to date, the T65 and T68, which offer Bluetooth functionality straight out of the box. Nokia have a battery pack for the 6210, and also have the 6310-due for release soon. However, Ericsson are at least 12 months ahead of Nokia in this respect. Ericsson are probably pushing development of Bluetooth. I've seen a bluetooth embeded chip which is tiny to say the least. Pictures soon.  
There is also the Sunderland Technologies bluetooth clip on, available Here.