Browsing the WWW is hit and miss on the Palm, hence the lack of software available. There are a few, though:

Xiino : Link Very useable piece of software. Good interface, reasonably quick, and very customisable. Personally, I prefer this to the others. Renders HTML very well, and doesn't go through a proxy.

Eudora : Link Doesn't go through a central server, so less likely to suffer from server down time. Not only that, the interface is more simple and usable.

HandWeb : There are copies of HandWeb still around, by smartcode software, but they are, alas, no more.

Blazer : Link Very good Web Browser, now owned by Handspring. Renders HTML very well! My browser of choice

PenDragon Browser : Link Another Web browser

PocketLink : Link Palm OS 5 aware web browser. Looks good, full colour. Trying to hard to be IE though! Nice little progress bar when loading… Has chinese support

Tapliner : Link Web browser, with colour support, supports some Javascript and 128 bit SSL. Proxy based