There are an increasing number of WAP sites available, but very few means of accessing them! Fine if you have got a WAP phone, but there are utilities available for Palm users.

Many people wonder why you would use WAP on a Palm... Well, it's simple. Bigger screen, you can type, instead of using a nasty phone, and you can cut and paste bookmarks from e-mails and other sources. Here are the three main players for Palm WAP Software:

WAPMan : Link The original WAP client for the Palm. Has the ability to provide your own configuration for WAP gateways and stuff.

WAPGuide : Link This is available in two guises - From MobileID, and from WapGuide. WapGuide are the original designers, but MobileID provides a gateway, and this is also configurable with your own WAP Gateway.

Kbrowser : Link Available from 4thPass, This browser is configurable, but only IP address of gateway, but it takes up a mere 80K. Utilises Java, apparently!

Jbrowser : Link WAP Browser that supports wap 1.2 spec including push.