The Palm can also be used with SMS (Short Message Service) using many IR phones. This allows you to send and retrive SMS's using your phone and Palm. Also, many products allow you to play with the phones address book, so you can backup your phone numbers with ease. There are several products available...

MonkeyMail : Link Primate Systems do a product which allows the sending of SMS, and also allows you to play with a mobile phones phone book. They also do products for the Nokia phones which allow you to compose your own ring tunes, and logos!

GSMTool : Link Probably the original (and best) SMS / Phonebook app.

PageNow! : Link Another product available which does the same as the other two. There really isn't much between them!

FunSMS : Link Just played with FunSMS, and it looks good. Firstly, it now has bluetooth support. You have to have your phone in discoverable mode. But, when it transfers messages, it does a phonebook lookup, displaying the name. Good config setup also.

PhoneManPro : Link Been out for a while I think.

Monkey Messenger : Link Good SMS app, although doesn't use the palm address book.

Monkey Tone : Link Fantastic Ring Tone app for Nokia phones. Has access to ring tone libaries as well. Can enter via a stave or piano keyboard. Can beam or sms tones too.

Monkey Logo : Link Good Logo composer for Nokia phones

Palm SMS App : Link Comes with the newer palms and part of the internet pack. Good Layout, easy to use and integrates well with the palm address book.

Pixer : Link AFAIK, worlds first MMS client for the Palm. Integrates well with PhoneFace, for image transfer. Haven't used in anger, but easy to use. A fab start to MMS on the Palm

PhoneFace : Link Background editor for the T68 / T68i. Very good, easy to use, and very intuitive. Good for editting pictures for use with Pixer, their MMS app.