Woggledog: HSCSD

HSCSD stands for High Speed Circuit Switched Data and allows you to connect, at present, up to 28.8K.

Doesn't sound much, but is three time quicker than a notmal GSM phone.

It differs from GPRS as you are charged by the second, just like a normal GSM data call. However, it's not contended like GPRS, so you'll always get 28.8K

Firstly, you'll only get HSCSD is you are subscribed to the service and that your Network actually offers it. Orange tend to offer it around Europe, but not sure about anywhere else!

The first thing to do is make sure you've contacted your network and subscribed to it.

Then, setup a standard connection setting for your ISP and make sure it works.

Now, in prefs, go to connection, and select the connection type, or phone if you have a newer palm... Click on edit then details and you should have the init string space. Type in any of the following: AT+CHSN=4,2,2,8;




AT+CBST=16,0,1; (Orange suggestion)

You should now be able to connect at higher speeds!